03:00 PM Destiny 2 - Story Missions

  • Delta Company 633
  • Wednesday, 09/06 PDT
  • PS4
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 20 Reserves

Placeholder game for Destiny 2. Anyone who joins should be safe from being kicked.

Sending Invites: mikehamper
  • Thumb dreg be chilling

    mikehamper 400

    35 karma hunter, patient, relic runner, pve, pvp, sherpa, crucible, raider, warlock, titan, relic bearer

  • Thumb nickel

    anickle060193 300

    41 karma fusion rifle master race, sherpa, beautiful internet, hunter, titan, warlock, variable pvp-er, profanity ok, pve

  • Ghost 75

    D633_Automod 100

    1 karma

Reserve spots
  • Thumb picture of me 29

    y0ttaus 305

    44 karma squishy, clumsy, accident prone, raid cookies, kinderguardian

  • Ghost 75

    Marknight20 385

    54 karma hunter main, tom, warlock, titan, nightfall, black spindle, pvp, profanity ok, pve

  • Ghost 75

    EdTheMadman550 PSN: EdTheMadman550 300

    73 karma pve, ps4, profanity ok, sherpa, hunter, warlock, titan, xbox one, sporadic playing times, microphone

  • Thumb patrickhaney

    notsausages PSN: notsausages 365

    10 karma mida multitool, sunsinger, iron banner, warlock, pvp

  • Ghost 75

    bryanjnleong 400

    69 karma titan, hunter, pve, ps4, warlock

  • Ghost 75

    coreyj629 300

    13 karma sunsinger, pve, warlock

  • Thumb image

    NeroAngelo54 400

    7 karma titan, hunter, ps4, weekly challenges, warlock, microphone

  • Thumb image

    teamtychar24 384

    107 karma hunter, warlock, raids, weekly challenges, ps4, titan

  • Thumb archer 1

    TheobaldWolfgang 300

    93 karma leviathan, sentinel, destiny 2, king's fall, wrath of the machine, archon's forge, court of oryx, crota's end, vault of glass, prison of elders, challenge of elders, raider, trials of osiris, bladedancer, profanity required, iron banner, questionable, shiabald wolfboeuf, rainbow theo, srl, nightstalker, gunslinger, hunter, voidwalker, max gally for life, sunbreaker, stormcaller, microphone, titan, striker, defender, all classes maxed, self-resurrection, sunsinger, ps4, warlock

  • Thumb black sti2

    Absolut100 285

    19 karma black spindle, touch of malice, mic, titan, warlock, hunter, ps4

  • Thumb image

    majesticbeard93 300

    28 karma ps4, pve, college student, pvp, warlock, weekly challenges, raider, titan, hunter

  • Ghost 75

    Jerja14 300

    15 karma future rn hopefully, i try hard in pvp, raider, profanity required, college student

  • Thumb new wheels

    JayDeeEmma 335

    17 karma potter whore, resident potty mouth, not a squeaker

  • Ghost 75

    Str8Desolation47 300

    7 karma weekly challenges, ps4, warlock

  • Thumb image

    YuyoDrift 396

    29 karma ps4, mic ready, strike addict, hopeless farmer, suros nazi, hunter, warlock, titan, not a dick, sherpa in disguise

  • Thumb 2358271 4787446 lz 1

    chiTIGER08 300

    16 karma hunter, titan, warlock

  • Ghost 75

    Gradisek 387

    18 karma nightfall, raid, exotic swords, spindle, tom, chill only, profanity ok, pve

  • Ghost 75

    ArcanisNl 304

    100 karma pve, pvp

  • Thumb 32301200001 large

    Mat_man101 300

    105 karma vapes alot, relic holder, titan, swordbeaer, sherpa, bladedancer, warlock, hunter

  • Thumb houndour

    Jiovanie- PSN: Jiovanie- 380

    31 karma tolerant, friendly, patient, weekly challenges, sporadic playing times, warlock

Game over

The game creator, mikehamper, should send out invites 5-10 minutes before start time. If you don't receive invites, the creator may have left so start inviting each other through xbox/psn/pc on your own.

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