04:00 AM The Division - Miscellaneous

  • Alpha Company 835
  • Thursday, 08/31 PDT
  • Xbox One
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 4 Players / 4
  • 13 Reserves

AC835 Safe House. Just a repository for those who still/plan to play. Help group up/level for DZ or Incursions. Division News!

Game creator
  • Thumb gnomy redact


    41 karma team player, no stress, titan, destiny, the division, co-op, pvp

  • 1f4455584c55f3c9cfd2d485439603e5?s=200?d=404


    18 karma pvp, pve, microphone

  • Thumb 2 27ce0471ed


    113 karma titan, warlock, hunter, raider, collector

  • Thumb lx ap0lly0n xl

    lx AP0LLY0N xl

    2 karma lower case l's and zeroes in my gamertag, microphone, xbox one, raider, weekly challenges, hunter

    Thumb lx ap0lly0n xl

    Damage Dealer - FireCrest 249

    318K DPS 413K Toughness 22K Electronics

Reserve spots
  • Titan 75


    26 karma sherpa, warlock, hunter, titan, pve, raider, xbox one

  • Thumb toaster avatar


    36 karma sherpa, raider, parent, toast, pve, warlock, sunsinger

    Thumb tact icon

    Support - Tactician's Authority 218

    Please open a help ticket - 158/290/33

  • Thumb 66530 525391110808861 562377265 n


    40 karma warlock, hunter, titan, pve, microphone

  • Hunter 75

    Spidrpig 40

    21 karma headset, bladedancer, hunter

  • Ghost 75

    Two 1 Alpha 40

    12 karma fun, wizard, microphone

  • Thumb me


    29 karma xbox one, microphone, warlock

  • Thumb download  1

    El Twizzlero Xbox Live: El Twizzlero

    67 karma dedicated mofo, sherpa, kings fall, sith lord bro, voidbowbro, hammerbro, not a d-bag, bubblebro, defender, titan, xbox one, parent, warlock, hunter, sunsinger, bladedancer, raider, crota, vog

  • Titan 75

    Getrdone69 Xbox Live: getrdone69

    48 karma profanity ok, sherpa, titan, hunter, warlock, microphone

  • Thumb screen shot 2017 02 20 at 11.28.35 am


    35 karma zenyatta, roadhog, hanzo, mccree, nlb, striker, bladedancer, relic_runner, titan, nightstalker, not_a_scrub, beard, swordbearer, gunslinger, hunter

  • Thumb images  1


    30 karma horse enthusiast, pvp, college student, student, titan, microphone

  • Thumb photo 2

    AMO 3 Xbox Live: AmO 3

    95 karma leader, mod, pvp, warlock for life, parent, too player, sherpa

  • Thumb sfga


    84 karma dad, pvp target dummy, raider, warlock, hunter, titan

  • Thumb 91364


    23 karma profanity ok, pvp, pve

The game creator, DEANOpalooza, should send out invites 5-10 minutes before start time. If you don't receive invites, the creator may have left so start inviting each other through xbox/psn/pc on your own.

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