02:30 PM Destiny 2 - Raid - Leviathan - Normal

  • Alpha Company 880
  • Tuesday, 01/09 PST
  • PS4
  • Level 320 required
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 2 Reserves

Atleast 10 prior completions preferred. Previous CM completion required. 18+

Sending Invites: dryft
  • Thumb 0926151758 hdr

    dryft 605

    425 karma nobody wants to listen to your music, replace your smoke alarm batteries, there goes flawless

  • Thumb avatar

    crazytikiman PS4: crazytikiman 600

    171 karma pve, patient, parent, profanity ok, pvp

  • Thumb img 20131015 180252

    Inka_Cola 335

    290 karma sherpa, raider, relic runner, titan, alt hunter, alt warlock

  • Ghost 75

    elitecoder PS4: elitecoder 385

    115 karma profanity ok, sherpa, pve

  • Ghost 75

    Shapesyy 600

    379 karma

  • Thumb avatar

    SouperPierre PS4: SouperPierre 335

    96 karma pvp, pve, profanity ok

Reserve spots
  • Ghost 75

    Tyler_Durden223 385

    155 karma ps4, raider, weekly challenges

  • Thumb img 3536

    WannabattleCat PS4: WannabattleCat 650

    389 karma occasional raider, substandard jumper, profanity ok, metal face guardians, pve, titan, hunter, mf guardians, lifted, parent, doom, warlock, pvp, metal finger guardians, bird person gang, ps4

Game over

The game creator, dryft, should send out invites 5-10 minutes before start time. If you don't receive invites, the creator may have left so start inviting each other through xbox/psn/pc on your own.

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