01:00 PM Destiny 2 - Strike - Nightfall

  • Curse of the Defiant
  • Saturday, 02/10 PST
  • Xbox One
  • Level 270 required
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 1 Reserve

All players and skill levels welcome! 1 run

Sending Invites: Pinks
  • Thumb 717f7cb0 621b 4da1 9701 45720e615a4e

    Pinks Xbox: Mr Pinks 335

    84 karma you ‘sir’ are a douche!!, curse of the defiant, don't piss me off, photoshop, cinema4d, vegaspro, youtube, ut, si dare irrumabo, profanity encouraged, twitch, quests and missions, sherpa, old enough to know better, fun, profanity ok, pve, trials, parent, pvr, strikes, weekly, pvp, nightfall, crota

  • Thumb f3854f112e8a2e8453828b7e2c811857resnet9 n1 1

    AymanJ Xbox: AymanJ 364

    224 karma veteran, age of triumph, livestream, twitch, pve, pvp, parent, quest, sherpa, nightfall, raider, titan, warlock, hunter, syria

  • Thumb titan

    Daffy0626 345

    217 karma raid rookie, strikes and iron banner, can follow directions when necessary, like easy going teams

Reserve spots
  • Ghost 75

    taimec1987 350

    134 karma don't mind the badge, just an average guardian, parent, raid rookie, slow reflex titan/warlock, pve, cool down/relax time after long day.

Game over

The game creator, Pinks, should send out invites 5-10 minutes before start time. If you don't receive invites, the creator may have left so start inviting each other through xbox/psn/pc on your own.

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