11:30 AM Destiny 2 - Raid - Leviathan - Prestige

  • The Insane Pack
  • Wednesday, 04/11 PDT
  • Xbox One
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 7 Players / 6
  • 1 Reserve

A few runs time permitted 👍

Sending Invites: Rancid Insane
  • Thumb logo t shirt

    Rancid Insane Xbox: Rancid Insane 305

    122 karma twitch.tv/rancid_insane, sherpa, willing to help if i can, chilled fun gaming, raider, xbox one, parent, hunter

  • Ghost 75

    Chel42 Xbox: Chel42 335

    108 karma pvp, pve, profanity ok

  • Thumb image

    Jigmeister75 Xbox: Jigmeister75 335

    43 karma raider, sporadic playing times, microphone, xbox one

  • Thumb image

    PEB1980 335

    97 karma pvp, raider, pve, xbox one

  • Thumb animal

    Philfoofighter Xbox: Philfoofighter 335

    173 karma streamer https://www.twitch.tv/philfoofighter, d1/d2 raid sherpa, nightfall soloist, d1 raid soloist, sherpa, pve, twitch.tv/philfoofighter, ps4 & xbone, pvp, flawless raider, crota soloist, too lighthouse visitor, parent

  • Ghost 75

    nelstar29 Xbox: nelstar29 335

    4 karma profanity ok, pve, parent

Reserve spots
  • Thumb iblock


    1 karma

  • Ghost 75

    Insan1ty 414 Xbox: Insan1ty 414 335

    99 karma pve, profanity ok, parent

Game over

The game creator, Rancid Insane, should send out invites 5-10 minutes before start time. If you don't receive invites, the creator may have left so start inviting each other through xbox/psn/pc on your own.

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