10:00 PM Destiny 2 - Raid - Leviathan - Lair 2 - Normal

  • Alpha Company 835
  • Monday, 09/03 CDT
  • Xbox One
  • No level required
  • Mic not required
  • 7 Players / 6
  • 5 Reserves

The pity list of Alpha Company 835 members needing a Spire of Stars clear for Moments of Triumph. Good luck with that ya'll!

Sending Invites: iPetSharks
  • Thumb dd416ae802cc8a97fc58b7fd9b0e3c7e61e06d3d full

    iPetSharks Xbox: iPetSharks 385

    73 karma

  • Thumb 902d3816 6f7f 46ec aa3d a4cfba19977f

    DissoluteDuck Xbox: DissoluteDuck 383

    20 karma sherpa, might of mjolnir, profanity ok, pve, parent, student, raids, hunter, microphone

  • Ghost 75

    Pater M 335

    14 karma hunter, warlock, xbox one, microphone

  • Thumb avatar

    Trogdorthegreat Xbox: trogdorthegreat 384

    95 karma hunter, canuck, pvp, pve

  • Thumb image

    Beck31 Xbox: Beck31 380

    96 karma parent, pve, patient player, pvp bullet sponge, sherpa, canuck

  • Thumb profile pic

    LordSmitteous Xbox: LordSmitteous 378

    41 karma comedian, microphone, warlock, xbox one, raider

Reserve spots
  • Thumb 2377624 bungie2

    voltage4025 Xbox: Voltage4025 384

    154 karma raider, pvp, iron banner, pve, excitable, warlock/hunter/titan, microphone

  • Thumb avatar

    Kn0wN 2b CoLd Xbox: Kn0wN 2b CoLd 380

    6 karma pve, profanity ok, parent

  • Thumb avatar

    Nonamesoldier03 Xbox: Nonamesoldier03 380

    1 karma profanity ok, pvp, pve

  • Thumb me

    Wombat57 320

    33 karma xbox one, microphone, warlock

  • F101eec9ea1cdec3f9d823067db2fc34?s=200?d=404

    D0ubleOSevN Xbox: D0ubleOSeVn 375

    78 karma microphone, warlock, hunter, raider, pve/pvp, xbox one, titan

  • Thumb 2790b05a f7a2 4557 beed 0497ef168d13

    Chip531 Xbox: Chip531 370

    79 karma official ac 835 tea-bagger, wtf, profanity ok, xbox one, parent

The game creator, iPetSharks, should send out invites 5-10 minutes before start time. If you don't receive invites, the creator may have left so start inviting each other through xbox/psn/pc on your own.

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