09:00 AM The Division 2 - Launch

  • Alpha Company 835
  • Friday, 03/15 PDT
  • Xbox One
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 15 Reserves

Division 2 sign up list not a game! Game will have clans so let’s have a sign up of who’s getting the game

Sending Invites: Hermione dies
  • Thumb screenshot 2016 04 30 11 44 00

    Hermione dies Xbox One: Hermione Dies

    214 karma pve, profanity ok, pvp, raid, sherpa

  • Thumb shark

    iPetSharks Xbox One: iPetSharks

    80 karma

  • Thumb floppy 5 weeks old


    65 karma 90+ leviathan raid clears, 7,000 hours spent in the destiny ‘verse, all characters at 385

Reserve spots
  • Thumb file

    Scoot 0069 Xbox One: Scoot 0069

    65 karma raid helper, pvp, iron banner, no pressure, team player, sherpa

  • Thumb thlelor7dg


    36 karma profanity ok, pve, xbox one, pvp, just want to have fun playing, weekly challenges

  • Thumb 1

    vipereye21 Xbox One: Vipereye21

    43 karma hunter, trials, raids, sherpa, xbox one, titan, warlock, pvp

  • Thumb dsc01418


    85 karma ironbanner veteran, prefer mature gamers, scifi fan, proud uncle/thankfull bachelor till i die, dog lover/cat hater, graphic designer/artist, late night, mic, im scared of randoms, i play way too much destiny, if im on and solo im always up to help anybody, yes,i sound very young,but am in 40's

  • Thumb mypic

    Brutalfrog666 Xbox One: Brutalfrog666

    16 karma profanity ok, college student, pve, multilingual, homosapien, rougehunter, sherpa, experienced

  • Ghost 75

    Pater M Xbox One: Pater M

    16 karma hunter, microphone, xbox one, warlock

  • Thumb 1381852470 230665779


    93 karma profanity preferred, filthy casual, raiding/ drinking, sometimes together

  • Thumb hawkeyes

    Hawkiz6 Xbox One: hawkiz6

    170 karma parent, microphone, all classes, raider

  • Thumb lightning bolt gray

    Krak64 Xbox One: Krak64

    37 karma shurochimustdie, profanity ok, microphone

  • Thumb file


    30 karma hunter, gunslinger, xbox one, sherpa, nightstalker, warlock, sunsinger, voidwalker, raider, bladedancer

  • Thumb image

    Saluki89 Xbox One: Saluki89

    62 karma warlock, microphone, weekly challenges, sherpa, hunter, titan, parent

  • Thumb toaster avatar


    39 karma warlock, pve, toast, parent, raider

  • Ghost 75

    Soulet3rnal Xbox One: Soulet3rnal

    159 karma storm, rivensbane, sherpa, pvp, pve, warlock

  • Thumb 05

    Romo SBC Xbox One: Romo SBC

    60 karma raid, profanity ok, pvp, all 3 classes

  • Thumb photo 2

    AMO 3 Xbox One: AmO 3

    97 karma sherpa, too player, parent, warlock for life, pvp, mod, leader

The game creator, Hermione dies, should send out invites 5-10 minutes before start time. If you don't receive invites, the creator may have left so start inviting each other through xbox/psn/pc on your own.

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