Escalation Protocol

Charlie Company 776

Grinding for worldline zero catalyst hits on bosses or weapons, join up

Xbox One
Mic required
No level required
3 Players / 3
4 reserves


Main raven marquee 59839e51b158a5.93562694
Elurianraven ElurianRaven creator

parent, pve, warlock

Soulet3rnal Soulet3rnal

profanity ok, sherpa, pvp, pve, warlock

Main lukcy basartd ale stone brewing beer label
Lukcy Basartd

have fun and get it done, sherpa, pvp, ipa, profanity ok, pve

reserve players:

Main file
TJones1 TJones1

neverquit, sherpa, warlock

Main c360 2013 12 07 09 42 27 561
Bullyhumbler187 Bullyhumbler187

pvp, parent, destinyvet

Main 05973c9aa4833d45a19d0d8af487c15f
kiki strumm3r

weekly challenges, microphone, hunter, titan, warlock

Main file
Lectus Lectus

completionist, tryhard, fun guy

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