Raid - Scourge of the Past

The Smoking Orbs

Fresh. Priority to clan, friends and regulars even if reserve. Not Sherpa run. Doing a quick run for tribute.

Mic required
No level required
7 Players / 6
2 reserves


Main f9c606c8 2a2d 4e53 824f 10d6e17bc857
Tithania Tithania creator

raids, raids, raids... more raids and some profanity, sherpa, pve

Main img 1996

hunter, warlock, sherpa, day 1/year1 raider player

Main d39a1077 3158 48b9 b728 6dd4a04e63b4

raid, raider

Main file

profanity ok, parent, pve

Default avatar
Coburnalpha Coburnalpha

profanity ok, pve, rng loser

Main imgres
Velocity_Slug Velocity_Slug

titan, warlock, hunter (in no particular order) with a combined pl of tba, lots of heavy artillery in a variety of colours and sizes, profanity encouraged

reserve players:

Main kisspng snoopy charlie brown woodstock hug peanuts snoopy 5abbdc9ccd6979.9013622615222611488414
Amandajc808 Amandajc808

pve, raid, sherpa, pve, raid


titan, sherpa, warlock, hunter, microphone

Main mkp0rq3m52az
WookieApproved WookieApproved

power bottom, coffeesnob, raidprofessor, parent, profanity ok, takeawookiewithyou

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