Crucible - Private Match

Echo Company 223

Not a private match - but lockdown. Need 2 teams of 4 - we try to match up - if successful we chase the mountaintop quest step "The Third Wave" (triumph - in pursuit of honor). Cheese tolerant folk only - priority to clan members.

Xbox One
Mic required
No level required
1 Player / 12
6 reserves


Main image
cadarnloz creator

xbox one, microphone, pve, wotm, helpful, swordbearer

reserve players:

raid rookie, hunter, warlock, titan

Main destiny 2 warlock voidwalker subclass guide

profanity ok, pve, warlock

Main red ring death

play for fun, my time, good time, all characters, don't start unless i can finish

Main file
Dante L2A2

pve, sherpa, pvp, raider, iron banner, trials of osiris

hunter, microphone, xbox one, pve

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