Raid - Leviathan - Normal

The Nine Situations

Leviathan (NORMAL) raid for those who haven't done it yet and those that just want to have some fun!! Priority to TNS Clan members and Time is flexible.

Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6


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CabalSieben CabalSieben creator

flawless raider, chill, raid, profanity ok, hunter main, year1 emblem

Main be383f26 9469 41ff bd37 96b0f32397c8
lunarianwyvern lunarianwyvern

vandal slayer, pve, hunter, familiar with raids, profanity ok, student

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jimjoebob99 Jimjoebob99

soul stealer, bullet slinger, grenade chucker, sherpa, trials, tri-platform player

Main file

profanity ok, pvp, raid rookie

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ps4, warlock, parent, microphone

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