Raid - Spire of Stars - Normal

Charlie Company 776

Because I never did it (we were on a break). Anyone up for helping?

Xbox One
Mic required
Level 750 required
7 Players / 6


raid rookie, pve, parent

Main file
Commiesalami Commiesalami

microphone, defender, raider, casual, sunbreaker

Main 4a40e069 cc6a 490b 92ae eddabf7e8229 rw 1200
SozzledGlint595 SozzledGlint595

raid rookie

Main april  2

raid! raid! raid!, pve, pvp if my arm is twisted

Main untitled2

titan, shananigans guaranteed, whiskey likely, profanity probably, pve, pvp


titan, profanity ok, raid rookie, parent

reserve players:

Main angelavatar 276px
WSiaB WSiaB creator

microphone, sporadic playing times, parent, pve, sherpa, weekly challenges

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