Raid - Garden of Salvation

Everyday Player In Combat

Sherpa run, no experience necessary. Come with patience and a few free hours. If it's your first time, please watch a video beforehand to get a basic idea of the mechanics

Xbox One
Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6
3 reserves


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pve, pvp, profanity ok

Main file
Minifreezer Minifreezer


Main 20180720 144818
cat genx

microphone, xbox one, warlock, titan, hunter, sherpa

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UnkindBiscuit UnkindBiscuit

college student, profanity ok, pve

Main cotuxtc
Slickkilla73 Slickkilla73

always willing to help, pvp sharpshooter, sherpa, sherpa, profanity ok

pvp, parent, pve

reserve players:

Main 30c1da7f a542 46f8 b48e d5aad2a30c69
Make Shoot Of Make Shoot Of

ikora is bae, pve gun for hire, pvp n00b, saladin is my homeboy

Main vadertree
DecimalLeek5133 DecimalLeek5133

xbox decimalleek5133, ps4 buddysizemore

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