08:00 PM Festival of the Lost - Candy Farming

  • Bravo Company 24
  • Sunday, 04/01 PDT
  • Xbox One
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 18 Reserves

Gummy bear placeholder.

Sending Invites: Nthbluemonkey
  • Thumb very blue monkey hi

    Nthbluemonkey Xbox One: Nthbluemonkey 100

    24 karma efficiency, wallaby wednesday, turtle tuesday, tazmanian thursday, firefly friday, meerkat monday

  • Ghost 75

    JDAggie06 400

    37 karma sherpa, gaze holder, hunter, titan, warlock, brand runner, mad dps, microphone, pvp, swordbearer

  • Ghost 75

    cozyjamas Xbox One: cozyjamas 385

    38 karma xbox one, sunsinger, ihatetags

Reserve spots
  • Ghost 75

    Reverend Doom Xbox One: Reverend Doom 595

    17 karma microphone, raids, nightfall, titan, warlock, hunter

  • Thumb friends battle boba fett deadpool demotivational poster 1236462913

    Project Mako Xbox One: Project Mako 650

    52 karma last titan standing, pve, mic, xbox one, titan, warlock, hunter

  • Thumb file

    Dipdippatatochp Xbox One: DipDipPatatoChp 635

    102 karma warlock, hunter, titan, xbox one, teabagger, karma seeker, mic, ps4

  • Ghost 75

    Arrrmondoo#1896 Xbox One: Arrrmondoo 305

    34 karma hype, will swordbear for food, pve, pvp, xbox one, nightfall, warlock, microphone, raid, pc

  • Ghost 75

    AnitaMan420 400

    56 karma

  • Thumb danger57

    blehmeng Xbox One: blehmeng 620

    12 karma do i shoot on one or fire?, warlock master race, sherpa, taco tuesday, what's a nubian

  • Thumb b12ce773 2edb 4515 b357 ba3d8d99623d

    Theobor Xbox One: Theobor 562

    31 karma microphone, titan, hunter, warlock, ps4, xb1

  • Thumb file

    Callhimburgers 290

    16 karma xbox one, microphone, pvp, knife bro, force lightning bro, punch bro

  • Thumb corga borg

    LifesAll0ver 305

    3 karma profanity ok, pvp, california, titan

  • Ghost 75

    Letesh Xbox One: Letesh 300

    9 karma microphone, titan, east coast

  • Bd5ff8df0e37b087564157995d386d75?s=200?d=404

    nricciar Xbox One: nricciar 600

    11 karma warlock, hunter, microphone, xbox one, titan

  • Thumb arm image2

    Cmdr Jim Prime Xbox One: Cmdr Jim Prime 300

    84 karma pst, hobgoblin hater, mic, titan/hunter/lock

  • Thumb steelers

    JCKellner 650

    134 karma microphone, pve, parent, fun, xbox one

  • Thumb green bay packers jaime edmondsonavatar

    PrangeWay 317

    3 karma

  • Ghost 75


    2 karma xbox one, warlock, voidwalker, sunsinger, titan, striker, defender

  • Ghost 75


    0 karma profanity ok, raid rookie

  • Thumb 101812 1

    V3773H34D Xbox One: V3773H34D 385

    60 karma peep, defender, gunslinger, mad dps, play rumble, scrub!

  • Thumb 5662043425 0102c1f1b8

    mvp0818 335

    50 karma streamer, pvp, "offline" but online, sherpa

Game over

The game creator, Nthbluemonkey, should send out invites 5-10 minutes before start time. If you don't receive invites, the creator may have left so start inviting each other through xbox/psn/pc on your own.

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