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Destiny's Guardians [PS4] PS4 casual | members: 89

avg. age: 25   parents   college students group for Destiny's Guardians discord server PS4 group. Discord Link:

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12:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow

Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 mega marathon charity stream, doing all destiny raids from VOG to COS, required to own destiny 1 rise of iron and destiny 2 yr 2 annual pass, be patient this could take hours and join to have fun

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04:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow

All players and skill levels welcome! Sherpa run of any raid, choice goes to first sherpee to join party on the day, required 730 light to attempt COS

Game over

06:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow

PS4 Cross save woot. Join if you want to get a clear.

Game over

07:00 PM Raid - Scourge of the Past

Flawless "Like a Diamond" run. Please have experience

Game over

04:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow

Sherpa run of crown of sorrow raid be at least 730 to run successfully will teach all encounters

Game over

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