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The Dandy Guardians PS4 casual | members: 26


avg. age: 45   mics required

Chill, adult group for regular raiders.

Note from group mod:

This group is a group for regular raiders.

We're all chill, friendly, adult Guardians.

Clan page is here.

All group members are encouraged to create group games, don't just wait for someone else to create them.

Inactive group members are subject to removal.


  • Use a head-set, not your TV, we don't want to hear our own voices coming out of your TV into our own head-set.
  • Use the mute button on your head-set at the appropriate time - e.g. when you take your head-set off and put it back on, when you answer your phone, when you're stuffing your face with food etc.
  • We don't want to hear you using any of your special substance "paraphernalia".

Raid Protocol

  • For Prestige raids, generally we spend a maximum of one hour on any single encounter, and if we don't get it in that time, that's that and the game is called.
  • In a Leviathan raid, do NOT change your load-out unless all fireteam members are standing next to you in the same instance.
  • Always make your call-outs before you start swearing for whatever reason.
  • Land your damn jumps.
  • Be comfortable in all roles in a raid, especially picking up and shooting a cranium.
  • Anyone wearing Trials gear or equipping a Trials emblem is subject to instant kicking from the fireteam.

Group Games:

Destiny 2

Group Moderators:


Group Sherpas: (?)

James_GT_22, Drathro81, Toe_Kutter104, Jonv8tor,

Upcoming Games

This group has chosen to make all games private.


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