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Charlie Company 69 | Xbox One | serious | members: 65 | avg. age: 27 | mics required | Brisbane

We play games and we are good at playing them. Join if you feel the same.

Guardians of the World | PS4 | private group | casual | members: 25 | avg. age: 31 | mics required | Melbourne

This group is for Guardians of the Worlds Clan members, If you want to be approved please sign up at or Play with our members frequently before you will be accepted.

DoD Brotherhood [DoDB] | PS4 | private group | casual | members: 23 | avg. age: 39 | mics required | parents

Our DoD Brotherhood clan has been created in alliance with the Dads of Destiny group hence our tag. We are united worldwide by part time gamers as well as daily players at all levels and walks of life so no need to be apologetic for having to go sort the kids out or spending time with your partner, we've been there seen it done it, we get it. Bounties, weekly Nightfalls, Weekly Heroics, Strikes, Raids, we are always willing to help out, even if it's just to grind it out. If you need help with anything? Just ask one of us and if we can't help, I'm sure someone will know someone who can. We are mostly PvE but won't say no to PvP. This group is for tagged members of DoDBrotherhood

Echo Company 184 | Xbox One | casual | members: 79 | avg. age: 32 | mics required | Central Time (US & Canada)

We are a community of guardians that value friendship, teamwork, and impeccable aim to enjoy a casual environment where we work together to reach our goals.

Alpha Company 375 | PS4 | casual | members: 88 | avg. age: 17 | mics required

We are a relatively casual group. We play to have fun and have some laughs. Remember, make sure that if your playing, you're ready to loosen up and help other people. PS Community called Alpha Company 375 and can be found from MinimalSleep from the ps4, hope to eye some of you there!

Echo Company 140 | PS4 | casual | members: 88 | avg. age: 36 | mics required | Central Time (US & Canada)

This group is for Trials of Osiris Sherpas that want to help others get better or get carried through trials. If you are not Elite at Trials do not join this group. They have to be able to carry players through trails to get to the lighthouse. And provide tips for players being carried.

Charlie Company 58 | PS4 | casual | members: 44 | avg. age: 34 | mics required | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Most members live in the Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone. Our average age is 34. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!

Alpha Company 476 | PS4 | casual | members: 46 | avg. age: 26 | mics required

Our average age is 26. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!

Charlie Company 547 | Xbox One | serious | members: 85 | avg. age: 27 | mics required | Central Time (US & Canada)

Under new moderation, The Remnants is a growing community of gamers playing everything from Destiny, The Division, and Overwatch. Please join our discord server ASAP to starting enjoying your new community of like minded gamers. Just click and you're in!

Bravo Company 962 | Xbox One | casual | members: 37 | avg. age: 34 | mics required | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

We are a longstanding community of guardians still trying to build an engaging and fun group to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead in Destiny.

Echo Company 531 | Xbox One | casual | members: 87 | avg. age: 42 | mics required | Central Time (US & Canada)

Let's respect, help and encourage our members to ensure they get the most positive gaming experience when they're online. Please post sessions to encourage participation and camaraderie. Don't forget to confirm your account when you join.

Charlie Company 801 | PS4 | casual | members: 56 | avg. age: 24 | mics required | Mountain Time (US & Canada)

Note of the Whenever I feel like updating: I'M BACK! And there's gonna be some changes around here! Or not. Whatever.

Delta Company 723 | PS4 | casual | members: 80 | avg. age: 21 | mics required

Welcome! We are a group of guardians that look to have fun over all else. We value good times, good friends, and dirt'y jokes. We welcome all who want to join and partake in our antics. We mostly talk in discord so go there

Echo Company 775 | PS4 | casual | members: 27 | avg. age: 35 | mics required

We're a casual group, generally playing evenings and weekends. Our average player is level 34-40, but players of all levels are welcome. We have very active members and new games posted regularly, such as weekly nightfalls, heroics and lots of raids. Headsets/ Mics are strongly suggested. If that sounds like a good fit then join us!

Couch CoOp Gaming | PS4 | casual | members: 202 | avg. age: 30 | Central Time (US & Canada)

Couch CoOp Gaming (CCG) is a community of broadcasters & content creators that focus on co-op style games to play with followers in the community. Destiny is the main game within the community. Although, Borderlands, Warframe, Neverwinter, & Overwatch are other games played in CCG. Founded by Yantzi, many of the sessions will be streamed by him or one of his community members. We are not just about getting through raids & other events, but try to help teach & better players.

Echo Company 503 | PS4 | casual | members: 86 | avg. age: 33 | mics required | parents | Pacific Time (US & Canada)

WELCOME TO THE E503 Rambunctious Raiders, Shotgun Strikers, Infamous Iron Banner Baggers... We do all we can to chase back the darkness. Our events fill up fast, so click join and jump in one today! If you don't find one that suits you, create your own. Eyes up Guardians.

Charlie Company 611 | Xbox One | casual | members: 44 | avg. age: 38 | mics required | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Welcome to the 611 guardians!

Bravo Company 985 | PS4 | casual | members: 33 | avg. age: 33 | mics required | London

Most members live in the London time zone. Our average age is 33. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!

Charlie Company 987 | Xbox One | serious | members: 15 | avg. age: 28 | mics required | Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Welcome to Charlie Company 987. Feel free to post a game for anything and at any time.

Delta Company 498 | Xbox One | serious | members: 31 | avg. age: 27 | mics required

We are a like minded group of guardians who have a common goal of having a real life and playing Destiny. To all new Guardians of the group, Welcome! To our returning Guardians, Welcome back! (We'd knew you be back) Feel free to set up games as needed, we cannot get a schedule going is nobody is willing to start! Current Schedule Raids: Monday and Wednesday PVP: Tuesday and Thursday With bigger interest comes a bigger schedule!