Raid - Scourge of the Past

High Command Reborn

Sunday fun run! Beginners welcome!

Mic required
No level required
7 Players / 6
1 reserve


Main ac2 sq
DeathByWiFi DeathByWiFi creator

pve, profanity ok, pvp

Default avatar
LooksKill_ImNuzi Lookskill_ImNuzi

profanity ok, pvp, pve

Default avatar

profanity ok, pve, parent

Main img 20160611 145503

parent, profanity ok

Main cc25
GrandBlueX GrandBlueX

raider, pvp, profanity ok, pve, college student

Default avatar
El_hatcherino El_hatcherino

pve, parent, pvp

reserve players:

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Donkey4277 Donkey4277

profanity ok, pve, raid

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