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Delta Company 71 - Xbox One Xbox One casual | members: 146

"DeltaCo71, DEL TACO, Filthy Upgraded Casuals"

avg. age: 33   mics required

Welcome! If you haven't already joined the clan please do so. A link is provided below (Blue button). Remember to set your clan as Xbox.

Note from group mod:

A Few Rules

  1. Treat everyone with respect regardless of race, age, gender, orientation.
  2. If you create an event please ensure that you attend and send invites to attendees.
  3. If you will be late for an event, please post a message in the event lobby.
  4. If you will not be able to attend an event, please vacate the spot you've taken.
  5. Event creators, please give missing attendees 10 minutes before inviting reserves or finding a replacement.
  6. This is a game and not everyone has the same level of experience. Have fun and keep your light safe.

RIP Timinator2010 (AKA TFGraves). Memorial Fund on GoFundMe
Weekly update elfs are currently on siesta until Destiny 2. Please refer to Reddit's weekly update thread here

Group Games:

The Division
Titanfall 2
Battlefield 1
Diablo 3
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Destiny 2

Group Moderators:


Group Sherpas: (?)

CHAND0SE, el rolio, AlmostThere, CombatPanther, Tommygunki11er, Ogaal, KermitDaFreak, KIjackalLL, MarkusMyWords13, HuskerOfThePit, SIV3ART, Cel Blade, DavidVibez, RaueDrakenhaart, weswake, NoWuffo, VTII2808, C1ank3r, EutecticMike, Arcatexsure, Mos100606, xCCx COFFIN, Pandamonium72, SPEED388, V4NT4BL4CK, Luter, BadM0therFather,

Upcoming Games

08:00 PM Raid - Scourge of the Past

friday night scourge. all are welcome. anarchy will drop, i can feel it.

07:00 PM Crucible - Iron Banner

More time to shoot people in the face and establish Taco dominance.

08:00 PM Raid - Last Wish

last wish sherpa run. spots saved for savagebuckeye and dan. some folks with experience would help.

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09:30 PM Escalation Protocol

SMG hunting

Game over

07:00 PM Crucible - Iron Banner

Gambit Taco Tuesday is being changed to Iron Banner. Let's shoot some people in the face.

Game over

08:00 PM Raid - Last Wish

last wish sherpa run. as usual for sherpa runs, im aiming for 3 rookies and 3 vets for a balanced team. spot saved for panda if he can make it.

Game over

08:00 PM Raid - Scourge of the Past

Friday raid! Let's shoot the thing with the things and get the stuff

Game over

08:00 PM Raid - Scourge of the Past

Scourge of the Past, sherpa edition. looking for 3 that want to learn this raid. boss is a 650 encounter, so be at least 640. will also need a couple ringers to round out the team.

Game over

07:00 PM Gambit

Gambit Taco Tuesday because I like gambit and tacos.

Game over


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