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Helpless Heroes PC casual | members: 87

"Flyer's Legendary Attack Force"

avg. age: 26   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

We're open to new and existing players who are working on endgame activities. Want to raid? Run Nightfalls? Complete seasonal pass events like Forges, Reckoning or Menagerie? Chase PVP weapons or goals? Join up and lets work on this together. Membership in our Discord is required:

Note from group mod:

Helpless Heroes
Helpless Heroes
About Our Clan

Everyone is welcome! Helpless Heroes is a clan that welcomes all members. You can be new to the game, new to raids or very experienced and you will find a place with us.

Clan sherpas provide constant oppurtunities to join raids and events, be welcome as a beginner and know that you will be taught how to complete the activity from beginning to end!
Clan Resources
Join Our Community

Please feel free to join our clan in game. You can message the clan through text chat and get in on the sweet in game Engrams from clan rewards.
Helpless Heroes (PC)

Jump into our Discord and be part of the growing community. Post an LFG or just chat about the game, ask questions or plan events.

Join Events
Get Involved, Have Fun

We welcome everyone to join our events, but we do have a few simple guidelines that we ask everyone to follow!

Clan Members Get Preference! This applis to events labelled as 'Clan members get pregerence.' The members of our community always get preference to our events. That said, they must sign up like everyone else. If the event is full, they can sign up as reserves. Whoever is signed up 10 minutes before the event begins gets dibs on the spots, meaning if there are only 4 clan members signed up at that point the remaining 2 spots are open to anyone.

Be Patient and Courteous! Unless otherwise noted, all events are open to beginners. We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere where we try and teach new people how to complete the encounters. Do not be rude or impatient.

No Cheese! You heard right! We don't cheese Riven or any other encounter.

The Sherpa Leads! If you are experienced, you are welcome to add in your knowledge. However, the sherpa who is organizing the event runs the show. Let the sherpa explain the encounters and assign roles to people. If you have something to add, then please offer up that info after the sherpa has covered the encounter.

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Destiny 2

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Group Sherpas: (?)

Imagine, Flyer#11370, Knifey Wifey, Xlr8_CJ99#1312,

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