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Traveler Insurance Agents Xbox One casual | members: 40


avg. age: 32   mics required   parents
Americas - most members are Central Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Welcome to the Traveler Insurance Agents. Do you enjoy long walks on the moon... sparrow cruises on mars... annihilation of space deities? You've come to the right place. We're a laid back group of adults based on XBox One exclusively. We love to game and the social opportunities that it creates. We play all avenues of Destiny PvE and PvP. We value having fun above everything, and those of us that are part of the clan are like an online family. Our current members are based in North America (U.S and Canada) and span shore to shore. We use the Discord chat app for clan conversations, daily banter and impromptu events.

Note from group mod:

Destiny 2 Forsaken is almost here!! We have many new members and we want to make sure they feel at home. Everyone has the ability to create an event. Please do so at your own discretion. Just be respectful to events that may have already been established in that time frame.

Group Games:

Borderlands 2
Destiny 2
Diablo 3
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
The Division
Sea of Thieves
State of Decay 2

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Group Sherpas: (?)

reznor1989, Apoenzyme, Zxyphyuist, Ripp Steakface, Dreadkiwi, StevieMicks,

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