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Destiny's Guardians [Xbox One] Xbox One casual | members: 89

avg. age: 28   parents   college students

Welcome to the private group for xbox one players from the Destiny's Guardians discord server! This is the place to host or join Destiny activities (mostly raids). Feel free to make posts for activities you want to complete with a group, just make sure you check the box to make the post group only. Note: In order to participate in runs posted here, you must be a member of the discord server.

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08:30 PM Raid - Last Wish

Fresh Last Wish. Willing to sherpa one new person.

Game over

08:30 PM Raid - Last Wish - CP - Riven

Doing three Riven checkpoint runs for a shot at getting the exotic raid weapon. Willing to take up to two new people.

Game over

02:00 PM Crucible - Competitive

Sherpa Requested! Tryna get fable and wins for recluse

Game over

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