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Echo Company 461 PS4 casual | members: 82 | activity score: 21

"Destiny 2 Clan: Bad Wolf 461"

avg. age: 35   mics required   parents   college students

Late night (stateside) and morning (overseas) PS4 Destiny players. We're a casual group looking for like minded folks to run and gun with.

Note from group mod:


Welcome We are now Bad Wolf 461, Destiny 2 clan -!

We’re a friendly group of guardians looking for other guardians to help fight back the darkness. We play it all; PVE and PVP including but not limited to raids, strikes, nightfalls, crucible, and trials. We’ll help out wherever we can and work on whatever you need, and have fun doing so.

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Random Notes

We are responsive in this chat but the magic happens in slack (messaging app). Message a mod for an invite.

Please try and be on time for your games and ready to play. If you can't make it on time notify game creator or remove yourself from the game. Game hosts are not obligated to hold spots more than 5 minutes or so.

Thanks for your cooperation and for making this a fun and easy going group.

Remember to join or schedule a game once every 3-4 weeks to avoid being auto removed from group for inactivity.

Group Games:

Destiny 2

Group Moderators: (?)

Group Sherpas: (?)

RD7902, insta_g8tr, Psycho_MufinMan,

Upcoming Games

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09:00 PM Strike - Nightfall - Prestige

Score run for Amor x3

Game over
  • Saturday, 08/18 PDT
  • PS4
  • Echo Company 461
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 2 Players / 3
  • 1 reserve

09:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Prestige - CP - Calus

Who wants to get this cleared before reset? Placing a 2 hour time limit for people's sanity and assurance. If people are experienced with the Void and the psions cooperate, hopefully we won't need that long.

Game over
  • Friday, 08/17 PDT
  • PS4
  • Echo Company 461
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 7 Players / 6
  • 2 reserves

06:45 PM Strike - Nightfall - Prestige

1x - Speed run for blue SoH armor

Game over
  • Sunday, 08/12 PDT
  • PS4
  • Echo Company 461
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3

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