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Philosophical Thorium Xbox One casual | members: 77 (10 pending)

avg. age: 36   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Support group for our clan.

Note from group mod: We are NOT four manning Aksis!

We are a group of players that love to play destiny. Above all, we just want to have fun while playing with each other and form a community for ourselves that everyone feels apart of. We have weekly Raids for new players, weekly hard Raids, and do plenty of pvp together. As we gain new members, we can increase the frequency of Raids for both experienced and inexperienced players as needed.

We accept both experienced players, and inexperienced players, however you must be respectful and actively engage with the members of the clan. We will not accept anyone without playing a few games with them, but there should be no problems as long as you don't take things to seriously.

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Upcoming Games

08:00 PM Anything

Info Chat

  • Tuesday, 12/31 PST
  • Xbox One
  • Philosophical Thorium
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 17 reserves

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06:30 AM Raid - Last Wish

Weekly raid series. Full Last wish with triple riven.

Game over

07:00 PM Raid - Scourge of the Past

For fun and loot. And no, I cannot make it through the sparrow section alive... yet ...

Game over
Game over

12:00 PM Gambit - Classic

Achieve "Protect the Runner" triumph.

Game over

11:30 AM Raid - Scourge of the Past

Anyone ?

Game over

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