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Bravo Company 985 PS4 casual | members: 42 | activity score: 0

"The Nooby Blues (You're my boy Blue!)"

avg. age: 34   mics required
Europe - most members are London time zone.

Hi, we are a casual group of destiny 2 players mainly concentrating on pve end game content. As well as organising games on here we have a active discord which you would be welcome to join. While this is our main reason for getting together, we appreciate that D2 isn't in a great spot at the minute so are filling our time between the content available with some other games (like The Division) Hopefully, we can see this through until D2 comes through in the way we want and having a laugh along the way.

Note from group mod:

BravoCompany 985 is our activity scheduling and 'meet and greet' facility. If, after joining a few activities and meeting a few of our existing clan members, you would still like to join The Nooby Blues Destiny 2 clan, please contact one of the clan moderators (B_Alex91, Burdy1411, Hatthew, lord_geek81, or Verschoor) and we'll take it from there.

Do: set up an activity... Its easy! Click the 'New Gaming Session' button, select the activity, add a wee comment (great way to let people know if you need help i.e sword bearer or relic runner, etc...), set the date and time, set it to 'Group Only' and submit - Blue's your Uncle!

Do: keep in mind we're still growing, so try not to post events at the same time as'll have better success filling them that way.

Do: ask for help... We have quite a few knowledgable and experienced Guardians in the group - use and abuse them!

Do: let us know if you have any suggestions to help improve the group

Do: have fun... dont take it too seriously! It is, afterall, only a game! If you're not enjoying yourself, you are most definitely doing something wrong (or playing Trials)

Dont: be a douche - simples!

Group Games:

Destiny 2
The Division

Group Moderators: (?)

Group Sherpas: (?)

hatthew, tc_2k3, KudosLudos,

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