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DoD Australia PS4 casual | members: 148

"DoD AU"

avg. age: 36   mics required   parents
Asia - most members are Sydney time zone.

To join our 100 group please sign up to the group on Bungie.Net. Details below. If you do not register on the Bungie site you will be blocked from joining the 100 group. The group is currently set to boot you after 30days inactivity this is because we are at or near the member cap.

Note from group mod:

We require all members of the 100 to sign up to one of the the DoD AU Bungie.Net Clans before being approved for the 100 site, link:

DoD DownUnder

DoD SouthGuard

DoD Bushrangers

DoD Character Crew

For the Xbox players, we now have a new clan for you:-
DoD DropBears

Group Games:

Call of Duty Black Ops III
The Division
Diablo 3
Grand Theft Auto 5
Titanfall 2
Destiny 2
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Group Moderators:


Group Sherpas: (?)

snakeears257, obileekenobi, realmooky, qipshan, skoolrony, gdublu, Dankle1, Mattheritage, BR41DZ, MrMarcusRocks, sjbtax, Max Strange Payne, IceArrow441, Gir283, Many__Of__Horror, Jum153,

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