King's Fall - Hard Mode

Alpha Company 207

King's Fall 390, Oryx checkpoint. Oryx Challenge. Experience preferred. Priority to last night's team. Let's get this Oryx kill!

Mic required
Level 380 required
4 Players / 6
2 reserves


Dexter345 Dexter345 creator

hunter main, pvp, pve, titan alt, sherpa

Main main destiny warlock sunsinger 600x326

Default avatar
Alindawyl Alindawyl

warlock master race, let the singing begin, hunter/titan alts

Main tlnewghost

sherpa, the roundel ghost

reserve players:

Main imgres
Velocity_Slug Velocity_Slug

packing an overflowing vault, but still can't delete toothbrush, ramen coupon and scout reports. wltm like-minded guardians for virtual violence and shenanigans., kick, bite, scratch, maul, burn, bludgeon, chop, slash, blast., profanity encouraged

Main file
ChefNorris ChefNorris

pve, pvp, parent, casual

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