Menagerie - Heroic

The Smoking Orbs

965+, Lambs to the Slaughter triumph - Flawless run so experience required. Chill ( No ragers or quitters)

Mic required
No level required
7 Players / 6


Main a
KozoBozu KozoBozu creator

parent, pvp, pve

Main vf remix wolf

sherpa, pvp, serious player, pve, experienced raider, parent

Main 037118ac655e43b5c6d1bb074ec0c90a destiny the official dorkly review
Larryd_23 Larryd_23

year 1 vet, day bringer, raid looter, aegis bearer, sword bearer, relic runner, vex disrupter, hive bane, cabal conquer, god slayer, list continues...

Default avatar
Jed1-knight88 Jed1-knight88

raid rookie, pvp, pve

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