Raid - Garden of Salvation

Old World Primates

1000 + Chill peeps only. 3+ clears is preferred, just be honest - before game time. I value honesty over the clear. 2 hours max. ***If your game history is hidden you won't be invited.***

Mic required
Level 1000 required
6 Players / 6
2 reserves


Main image
crazychunkymonky creator

public enemy #1, profanity ok, pve, pvp, raider

Ehrine Ehrine

Main d39a1077 3158 48b9 b728 6dd4a04e63b4

raid, raider

Main group1
Bluntlyrex BluntlyRex

pve, raid veteran, profanity ok

Main giphy  3

parent, no jumping skills, early bird, destiny addict, friendly and patient, foodie

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reserve players:

Main dragontattoo3
SAV46E10 SAV46E10

pve, profanity ok, parent

Main images  9

hunter, titan, warlock, raider, profanity ok

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