Dungeon - Prophecy

Old World Primates

Get as many peeps through as we can (1 completion each), I will take peeps without a clear first and invite the next after each completion until I run out of time or reach the end of the list. 1050+ power for survivalability. 5 hours max.

Mic required
Level 1050 required
3 Players / 3
11 reserves


Main image
crazychunkymonky creator

public enemy #1, profanity ok, pve, pvp, raider

Main d39a1077 3158 48b9 b728 6dd4a04e63b4

raid, raider

Main image
Kubby182 Kubby182

pve, pvp, always up for raids, iron banner, nightfalls

reserve players:

Main 12d9590b eb4e 4544 b1d7 9c7c21763730
xOops-iMADEu-Die xOops-iMADEu-Die

raid rookie, new raider, pvp, profanity ok

Ehrine Ehrine

Main dragontattoo3
SAV46E10 SAV46E10

pve, profanity ok, parent

Default avatar

profanity ok

Main 4b6481fd e59e 4cad bc7c 0f2450bfebad
Mazard5150 Mazard5150

pve, profanity ok, pvp

Main lilaface

retired, blind gamer! (jk), profanity?!, pve

Default avatar
Elguvna Elguvna

oldgamer, scottishgamers, beforethemrsgetshome

Main homer peter

profanity ok, pve, pvp, raid rookie


raider, profanity ok, titan

Main fb img 1541437190408
HeadhunterHC78 HeadhunterHC78

sherpa, profanity ok, no profanity, warlock hunter titan touch black spindel, expert raider, year one veteran


pve, hunter, microphone, ex-xbox player

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