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Creating, Joining and Starting Games

Joining the Clan

After you've created or joined three games with the100 group. You can join the clan at:


Discord is a communication client that allows us to run a more robust chat for the group, and also provides another option for voice communication. Clients are available for Windows, MacOS, and mobile platforms, and there is also a web interface.

Discord link is here:

We plan to use Discord for general chat, as an enhancement to page. If you are a member of C622, and plan on sticking around, please join.

Upcoming Games

No upcoming games currently.

Most Active Members


the roundel ghost, sherpa

profanity ok

pve, weekly challenges, hunter


titan, warlock, sporadic playing times, hunter, profanity ok


parent, pve, profanity ok


whisky fan, dad, hunter, titan, warlock, ps4

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