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B17 is welcoming new members! If you or friends you know like to raid, PvP, or just screw around with in Destiny and think you’d enjoy a closer knit group create or join a game to let us know!

Make sure to join the Xbox/Bungie clan as well to get your sweet B 17 clan tag in game! Click here to join the clan!

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xbox 1, hunter, titan, warlock, sherpa, swordbeaerer

Upcoming Games

06:00 PM Raid - Crown of Sorrow

B17 THURSDAY NIGHT RAID NIGHT, PART FIVE: CROWN OF SORROW! As always, time is flexible within about an hour and precedence goes to B17 members who do not have the triumph cleared.

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microphone, xbox one, titan, warlock, weekly challenges

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xbox one, microphone, raider

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Fearless FK

titan-hunter-warlock, pve, pvp

hunter, pvp, pve, warlock, titan, raids


open to beginners, warlock, pve, pvp

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microphone, xbox one, titan, raider, hunter

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