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A Few Rules

RIP Timinator2010 (AKA TFGraves). Memorial Fund on GoFundMe
Please refer to Reddit's weekly update thread here
Main nowuffo


member of the wuffo-pack, sponsored by deltaco, defender, striker, titan, gjallarhorn owners club

Upcoming Games

Get as far we can, completion is secondary

Last one I need to finish triumph... time could be flexible, let’s talk in discord if you want to shift a little

Farming mats for 2x rewards in Lake of Shadows (M or GM)

More tower jumping for the Outbreak Catalyst. Priority to Lefty and Noh but I can do multiple runs, especially if people just need normal.

Three weak runs, just grabbing the Reckoning helmets for future Transmog fashion.

Let's try for Anarchy

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noh face


casual, sporadic playing times, hunter, i don't always kill skolas, but when i do i have a near panic attack, bladedancer, really not good at this game

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roninld, VTII2808

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xbox one, bladedancer

hunter, microphone, xbox one

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member of the wuffo-pack, timinator2010memorialraidteam, pvp meat shield, have gun will travel, nlbas, tenzing norgay's teacher