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Alpha Company 508 began from a simple idea: to find Year One Destiny players who had never been able to find a group to play Endgame content (such as Raids and Nightfalls) with and to provide them with a place to learn the mechanics and strategies that would allow them to become comfortable leading Raid Teams and allow them to pass it on to others.

This group has evolved into something truly special. It has continued to attract great people who, through their participation, patience, and positive attitude, has allowed us to continue to grow into a safe, fun, and positive gaming environment for all, regardless of experience or skill level.

Its members are an excellent example of the best that the Destiny community has to offer! It is a group of diverse, outstanding people who we are pleased to call our Brother and Sister Guardians-In-Arms and I am distinctly proud to call them my Friends!

As we move forward and head toward what is to come, I would like to welcome members both past, present, and future to our group. I look forward to what the future holds for both our great clan and the Destiny community as a whole and relish the opportunity to face it together!

Samurai_Rob_516, Founder - AC508

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Also, our Destiny 2 Clan is limited to 100 members at a time, so to keep your AC508 Clan Tag, you must remain ACTIVE!

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"The Tower has FALLEN! Make them PAY, Guardians!"

As always: in order to keep our 100 group going, we need to be active! Post games! Join games! And, most importantly, HAVE FUN! Just remember to try to be patient with those less experienced. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don't forget, we were all KinderGuardians once.

ALSO, If you Tag yourself as a "Sherpa" you will be expected to stand as a leader, taking an active roll by assisting new players and dedicating yourself to helping others to grow in skill, confidence, and experience. "Sherpa" isn't just a word that looks cool by your name, it's a LIFESTYLE!

Just remember: When you post new games, try to leave them "Group Only" until a few hrs before it's start time in order to give our members first chance to join. If your game still has open spots, then make it public to fill any remaining openings.

If something comes up and you can't make a session, please use the game session lobby chat or send a message on PSN to let the creator know so that they can find a sub.


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sword bearer, join-friendly, patient with noobs, max titan/hunter/warlock, relic bearer, sherpa, 500+ raid clears

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warlock, titan, hunter, parent, pvp, pve


helpful, chilled, parent

all 3 classes, microphone, fusion rifle enthusiast


microphone, parent, ps4, profanity ok

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sword bearer, join-friendly, patient with noobs, max titan/hunter/warlock, relic bearer, sherpa, 500+ raid clears

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