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Welcome Guardians

We are an active international group of adult XBox1 Guardians, spread across different time zones whose playing times somehow matched up. We like to get the job done, however nothing serious - it's all about having fun gaming with friends. We're a friendly bunch - if you're new, we will help you learn. We always have patience and time for one another. Be active, schedule games, and have fun. On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Destiny 2 - Join Our Clan

To join our clan, Delta Company 247, you must be a registered member on the 100 Delta 247 group and be active within the group or be known to an existing Delta Company member. We're all about gaming with friends and helping each other out with end game content - Raids, PVE, PVP. If this sounds like you there's a link to the clan in the Members Area drop down box below. ( Clan link). We look forward to meeting you.

Discord Chat

Here's the link to our Discord chat

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    australian, pve, profanity ok

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    Fresh run. All are welcome.

    Anyone up for giving this a go? Timing can be flexible.

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    bad memory, profanity ok, parent

    profanity ok, pve, parent, warlock


    charlie alpha lima

    profanity ok, pvp, hunter, titan, warlock, pve

    stormcaller sunbreaker nightstalker, have fun, sporadic playing times, sunsinger, xbox one, chilled

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    australian, pve, profanity ok

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