Welcome to our Group

We have a clan. Click here for more info. Here are some general guidelines for our group:


---If you can't make a session you've signed up for please remove yourself from the activity asap.

--- Remember just because a session shows as full you can still join it as a reserve and if someone drops you're in

---If you create a session and then decide to leave it, please edit the session and delete it as there will be no one to co-ordinate the activity

---Sometimes a session doesn't get completed for whatever reason, just repost it as a continuation and get it done. If you're posting a continuation of a session that did not get completed and you want to keep the original group together please clarify that the original players get priority over random signups in the session details

---When you create a game, you can check "Group Only" to limit the listing to BoSM members. If your game isn't full a couple hours before the scheduled time, edit the game listing and uncheck that box to open it up to all of The100

WE HAVE A BUNGIE CLAN! - Bureau of Space Magic

While everyone is welcome to join our 100 group, please note BoSM does have an activity requirement and non-active members will be removed. To join the clan, you must request an invitation via our Discord server. For more info, feel free to contact any of the mods.

Chat has moved to Discord!

Please use BoSM's Clan Discord Server for chat. The link to the left is your invite. Note that the Discord server is the Official channel for clan communications; we won't chase you around on the100 or XBox Live.

Upcoming Games:

  • Thursday, 12/31 PST
  • Xbox One
  • Bureau of Space Magic
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 32 reserves

08:59 PM Anything

Don’t bounce me from the 100 for inactivity - the 2020 edition

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general bad ass, hunter, sherpa

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raid rookie, parent, pve

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hunter, i might swear more then you sorry, pve, guardian down, college student, profanity ok

raid rookie, pvp, parent

parent, profanity ok, pve

Mr Yotch

pvp, pve, raid rookie, profanity ok, hunter, warlock

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willing to teach raids, warlock, play 20+ hours a week, pve