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Welcome to
High Command

High Command (HC) is a group of mature players looking to team up and enjoy drama free gaming. We thank you for choosing us to be your guardians at arms.

Our membership consists of players from all over the world. We are brought together through Discord (messaging app) and so we may easily find each other, keep in touch, and play together. Members must have a headset or be willing to establish a simple way to communicate, join our Discord community, and participate in our group for scheduled games.

We realize that the real world comes first and that you won’t always be able to do everything you hope and that is okay; do your best. If for some reason you will not be available for an extended period of time or decide to quit playing Destiny 2, please let one of the admins know so we can reclaim the clan tag. You are always welcome to rejoin whenever you become active again.

Getting Started

  • Join Our Discord Server
    • This is our primary form of communication. You can learn more about Discord here.
      • We highly recommend that you use an app on your phone/tablet or computer. Be sure to keep track of your username/password.
    • Be sure to scroll to the top of the welcome-mat channel in order to learn more about the group and the requirements to join the clan.
    • You can download the discord software for your devices from your respective app stores or learn more about it here
    • Create your new discord login using your PSN ID as your username or use your existing login.
    • Join our server here
      • Introduce yourself in the hc-general channel
      • Go to the "bots_world" channel and type !register; you may have to add your PSN ID: !register psnid

The High Command

High Command

High Command is a group of mature players looking to team up and enjoy drama free gaming. Cool Dads, Mums, Sons, Daughters having fun!

We welcome folks who play casual but also those who will help folks learn and improve at end game content while having some laughs.

The most important thing is to have a good attitude, a sense of humor, play with your clan mates, and respect everyone.

While we are primarily a Destiny Clan we do play other games. You'll find chat channels in our Discord server related to the other games. Look under the Other Games heading in Discord.



mic, profanity ok, parent, pve, chill

Upcoming Games

boss CP farm looking for exotic and rocket sidearm


All players and skill levels welcome! Weekly Featured Raid. Full run, then farming final boss for exotic, if there is time/interest. Hard stop at 12am EST

Full clear for weekly boss kill credit for triumph

Trying to push through to level 50! Priority to clan and friends

All players and skill levels welcome! Getting folks some experience with the raid, ahead of a future Divinity run

Weekly Featured Dungeon. Full clear, then final boss until the exotic drops for everyone who needs it. Buckle up, it may take a while...

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raid rookie, parent, profanity ok

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