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Welcome to Delta Company 582
Hello Guardians... seeing as you’ve travelled this far, perhaps you’re willing to travel a little further. We are an active clan that has regular playing members from all over planet Earth with outposts across the EDZ, old North America and even one or two Jump Ships moored Down Under.

Some Housekeeping Rules and Guidance
1) Please note we are an INVITE ONLY clan.
2) We are NOT a public LFG clan. Please do not post games of this type - they never fulfil - so please don't waste your time.
3) The majority of our games are posted for between 7pm and 11pm UTC. We are a mature clan with an average age of 41 who like to schedule between these times for 'real-life' reasons.

Why do we do all this? Because if you want dedicated players who are around often, it works. Think of it as our door policy - the more you expect to be let in straightaway, without playing with us, the less chance you’ll have to enjoy the Kool-Aid.

What You Need To Do Is...
1) Start posting and joining Group games on the100 to begin playing with us.
2) Join our Discord here and introduce yourself!

We play the game for fun but will always enjoy getting the job done in the best of ways - cracking jokes and being part of a team, but also being focused when required and enjoying the experience. Most of us are parents away from the controller or keyboard. And while we were born from PlayStation players, since cross play, Xbox and PC Guardians are just as welcome.

Being part of Delta 582 in the world of Destiny means you will represent the best of what we stand for, and you'll find more here in the Delta 582 Clan Info tab as well as some listed links for highly recommended and respected 3rd party tools.

For now, sign up to our 100 Group, and start joining games and posting!

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Welcome to the Delta Company 582 Clan Info Page!
Our clan membership holds steady at between 70 and 80 players. We play the game for fun but will always enjoy getting the job done in the best of ways - being focused, cracking jokes, and being part of a team - and most importantly of all, enjoying the experience. Being part of Delta 582 in the world of Destiny means you will represent the best of what we stand for. And by that we don't mean setting world records for the fastest solo Grandmaster run – though you’re welcome to try. To maintain this, there is some advice to share and some recommended conduct to abide by.

As stated, we an invite only clan.

It's a lot of fun to be an active player of Delta 582 clan and 100 group. We don't expect this to mean racking up 10 hours per day and sweating about it, but being a good member of Delta 582 means hopefully playing Destiny with your fellow clan members on a regular basis and signing up and posting for sessions in the100 group. We don’t mind behind the scenes match-making but will always use the100 for what it’s intended for.

Most of us are parents and with that the occasional wisdom and maturity (albeit weary) that comes with it. Most of us are guys but we also have our fair share of gals among our Guardian ranks. We have zero tolerance toward anti-social behaviour and intolerance. You will be removed and banned if proven guilty of such actions. Be civil. Be adults.

Anyone who has stopped playing or taking part in clan activities for about period of about 6 months, might be removed from the clan. We manage this by checking and the Destiny API so the decision making is objective. Please note, being removed from the clan does not mean you're banned and as soon as you start playing Destiny again, you'll be welcomed back if you choose to be part of us again.

Now The Fun Bit!

If you haven't done already join our 100 group and start joining or posting games.

For ease of communication and for us to get to know each other better, also join our Discord Channel for ad hoc in game get togethers, chat, banter, and all things Destiny. If you can pitch in with the fun, crack a good joke when the time comes, all while getting the job done, then, when and if you're still enjoying playing with us, we'll bump you into our clan assuming there’s space. We also accept recommendations from playing members on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to seeing you out there wielding the space magic with us!

cloud_razor, freddthirteen, Meekoi1, perera74.



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