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The Smoking Orbs is a private group. New applicants must be sponsored by an existing member.
We’re a mature (average age 40+) group of Guardians around the world who like to enjoy each other’s company while getting stuff done. We run everything Destiny including raids, dungeons, strikes and crucible. We strive to have fun and be drama free.

Clan Rules:

  1. Be nice. Be respectful. No salt. No drama. No rage. No d-bags. Be cool ok?
  2. Have a sense of humor! Have a good time, crack a joke or two. It's just a video game!
  3. When active, join & post games on the Orbs the100 site. ‘People = Good’
  4. Don’t overbook yourself or games. ‘Hot tub time machines’ don’t exist (yet).
  5. If you sign up, show up. Avoid last-minute (within 1 hour) drops or no-shows.
  6. 3. See Rule #1…

Misc. the100 Site Tips/Expectations:

  1. All games on Orbs 100 site give priority to qualifying clan members by default.
  2. Many games are posted to “group only” and only visible on this page. Duh…
  3. If you want to run something, don’t wait for someone to post, post your own game.
  4. If possible, avoid posting a similar game at same time of another run. Join the existing
    game’s waitlist and then post a new “Overflow” run 15 to 30 mins after it.
  5. Overflow runs give priority to those on earlier game’s waitlist who didn’t make cut.
  6. Avoids waitlist “leaching”.
  7. If you don’t make a game’s posted min requirements, join as a Reserve.
    We often are “Desperate but not serious”.
  8. Have fun and don’t take the game too seriously.

Remember...” the only good bug is a dead bug”

Direct all issues/questions to any admin: Brothers_Trouble, CrZy_Scarecrow, grafx510, gunit_pirate, OtosanSamurai, or Razar627.



parent, pve, pvp

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no profanity, thanks for the karma, microphone, raid vet, the truth will set you free, a sense of humor


warlock, titan, hunter, raider, sleeper, blackspindle


kick, bite, maul, scratch, punch, maim, etc., microphone required, adults only, pve, profanity encouraged


titan / warlock / hunter mic parent chill



<insert random superlatives>, derpaderp

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warlock, titan, hunter, raider, sleeper, blackspindle

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