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The Old Guard is a private group, or "Officers' Club" that was built for the veteran members of Alpha Company 508 who have been around since the old days of Destiny 1. The idea is to provide a place to organize regular groups for activities from a pool of experienced players, facilitating smooth, quick runs with familiar people, allowing us to gear up and practice game mechanics, enabling us to use the skills developed here to aid those less-experienced players who are new to the group.

Membership currently on an "Invite Only" basis. To receive membership, you must be a member of AC508 and have the recommendation of at least one current Old Guard member.


sword bearer, join-friendly, patient with noobs, max titan/hunter/warlock, relic bearer, sherpa, 500+ raid clears

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This group has chosen to make all games private.

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helpful, chilled, parent


pve, parent, profanity ok


hunter, ps4, bladedancer

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profanity ok, pve, pvp

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