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Infinite Velocity


Welcome to Echo Company 305 also known as Infinite Velocity a clan for Destiny 2. We are a mature, laid back group focused on end game progression and enjoying all that Destiny 2 has to offer.


We currently have 49 members in our Bungie Clan and are looking to add more awesome people to our group. These 49 were past members from our original Destiny clan in which the active user count has died down over the life of Destiny. With that in mind, we will be doing a clean up when Destiny 2 lunches and any existing IV Bungie Clan member that has not logged into Destiny 2 7 days from its launch will be removed to make room for new active members. If you are interested in joining us and want to learning more about clan rewards in Destiny 2 click ‘Bungie Clan’ on the top menu for more info. Thanks all, D2 is around the corner!!

IV Discord

What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers and works on both your desktop and phone (we will primarily be using Discord for it’s chat features).

Why Join?

While the chat function of works, it's very limited. Discord has a great mobile app that allows our members to be connected even when your not online playing with your clanmates and friends. Come join the banter as we complain about not being able to play Destiny 2 while at work!

Do I Have To Join?

Using Discord is definitely encouraged but it's totally an option for our members to use and have. We want to provide another way to keep our group engaged as it’s great to keep in touch and chat about any Destiny 2 news in real time.


Click the Discord logo above to join us!
IV Rules

General Rules

Creating and Joining Sessions

IV Clan

If your interested in joining our Bungie Clan click on the banner above.

Invinite Velocity Bungie Clan

In Destiny 2 Bungie has put a lot of work into the clan system and we will now get rewarded for completing objectives together! While the details have not been released here is the latest info from Bungie’s Community Manager DeeJ.

“You’ll find that being a member of a clan is extremely beneficial. Every member of your clan will earn rewards as you do things and the more you do things the more they will be rewarded. One of the obstacles to the “doin” is getting six people together to do. So many clans will say “Yeah we’re going to raid last night, but two people didn’t show up at the last minute and I’m pretty pissed about it.” Now, Guided Games, open your doors. So the clans, from an emotional standpoint, are going to be the leaders of this new community. You’re going to be the ones that introduce solo players to the glory that has always eluded them You’ll understand the clan progression and the clan rewards system when you play. I’ll leave that to the social designers to break to you in the game. The fact that clans are more accessible in the game – You know, we used to give people free real estate in our community, on our website, in the Destiny Companion. Somebody who wants to become a digital warlord could go in and say “I’m starting my clan. I’m inviting people to come in.” Now that experience can exist away from the second screen and they can, inside of the game, facilitate recruitment.”

Bungie's clan section on their website is being updated on Aug 23rd so I’m going to guess we’ll get a lot more info on what the clan progression system looks like. Be sure to check back here as I’ll be updating this section as soon as we get any details.

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