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We are a relatively casual group. We play to have fun, win and have some laughs. But... fun comes before anything else with our group. All guardians are welcome but rage-quitters need not apply. We are generally a group of like minded players that enjoy each others company and are willing to help when help is needed. Expect many jokes made at others expense. Canadian jokes are preferred but any joke will do. Profanity and puns are welcome (and encouraged); friendly teabagging does happen (often). If you're new or are still learning mention it to the game creator so they can help explain but make sure to do some homework so you're ready.

This group is also the home of Dirty Sherpa Academy Clan. If you would like to apply to DSA please visit us at our clan page. Some restrictions apply. Not available in all states, countries or Canada. Side effects include saltiness and pulled hamstrings. Survive a game with Craig_Christ_420 and him trying to kill you during a raid by any means necessary, No Name's bad puns, SixNotSix playing drunk on the floor, trishmonkey's suicide cult, and HesOnC's aimbot before you determine if DSA is right for you. Management reserves the right to refuse admission.

Destiny Resources

Destiny Reddit
Ground Zero for Destiny news and discussion
Crucible Playbook
Reddit for PvP Guardians
Destiny Portal
A comprehensive links directory featuring lots of Destiny-related resources
Destiny Checklist
Check out your stats, progress and more in a meaningful way. Especially useful for seeing IB progress and understanding how bounties will boost you.
Destiny Tracker
More stats, but really focused around PVP comparison.
The app
Free iOS app with most of The 100's features built-in chat formatting
How to put images and other cool stuff in chat
Destiny Dictionary
Explanations of abbreviations and slang
Planet Destiny
Probably the better guide based site, database included. Check out the available Chrome extensions for item managing.
PVP Map Callouts
Common call out names for map areas.

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sherpa, pvp, pve

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