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Welcome to BOOM SQUAD

Originally a motley crew of like-minded destiny players from a few different clans and groups (who also share the same NSFW sense of humour and synchronised play time), who dare we say it, may have become good mates; BOOM SQUAD was created to be a friendly, laid back and laugh-fuelled place to group up and play video games.

As a group and clan, we welcome anyone who is up for a laugh, helping others and being a decent human being! We want to have as much fun getting stuff done as possible, no fannying about, but no elitist crap here either. Everyone can learn and get to that end game. There’s no dictatorship and no “us and them” between the mods and non mods.

If you are looking for a laid back, friendly group to chill with, jump on board. If you are a friendly Sherpa who would like to help people more often, BOOM! Welcome to the squad. If you’re struggling to reach that end game and can’t find a group to the get those “10 clears and a gjallahorn”, get in here!

We really want to keep this group friendly, laid back and full of laughs. We feel the best way to do this is to keep it small and personal (so well done for finding the group snoopy!), if you’ve found us and think we are a bunch you’ll get along with, we do have a few requests of all members to keep things smooth and fun

Most of us have limited playtime around full-time jobs and family commitments, please respect this time by not always turning up late or joining games that you’re not going to make.

We understand that last minute pull-outs are sometimes unavoidable (life happens), but the same un-reliable players, no-showers’ and last minute drop-outs are seriously unacceptable and waste the time of others in the game, while scrambling at the last minute trying to fill your slot.

If you would like to join a game, but not entirely sure you can make it, please join as a reserve. If you make other plans or realise you can’t make the game, please remove yourself with as much notice as possible (under 1 hour = short notice). Please don’t join a game if you only think you “might” turn up.

If you can’t make a game or something crops up, please let us know at least an hour before start time so someone else can have that spot and the reserves have plenty of notice. We also use our discord chat for last minute players.

We’re here to enjoy ourselves, shoot sh*t and grab that sweet loot, get stuff done in the time that we have with laughs along the way, focus up and don’t fanny about! However, if you’re in a game with someone who isn’t quite “getting it”, or things aren’t moving as quick as you’d like, please remember to respect your fellow gamers. Spend some time showing them the ropes and helping them out, be kind and considerate with your fellow human beings, no slamming, bitching, moaning, blaming or just generally being a fud.

Be chill, we all started somewhere and sometimes a team takes a couple of runs to gel, no raging or temper tantrums, we’re not interested in the sweaty, elitist bullsh*t.

If you’re not spending most the game laughing, you’re not doing it properly!

This is definitely an adult group, and probably not the best place for a “millennial-politically correct-snowflake”. Everyone in this group should be treated with respect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good laugh along the way. We’re here to have fun and enjoy ourselves outside of the usual constraints of work and family life.

Everyone should be able to have a laugh and take the pi*s out of themselves without the fear of being pulled up on offending someone because of some ridiculous “politically correct” nonsense. If you’re offended by creative language, adult banter or someone using the “wrong” pronoun in a sentence, this may not be the place for you. Leave that at work guys (and gals? People? Cats? Y’all? Whatever), this is our free time.

To be absolutely crystal clear: Any form of bullying, harassment, victimising or any form of toxic player is not welcome here.

If somehow, that kind of person has slipped in, they will very quickly be booted out. We are here to hang out and have fun, not to be made to feel like sh*t from some fud.

Toxicity will not be tolerated. If you’re a bit of a fud and enjoy talking down to people, making people feel bad or just generally like waving your E-PEEN around, please click ‘LEAVE GROUP’ because you’re not going to fit in here.

If you think we have a toxic member in the ranks or are having any kind of issue with another member, please send a message and get in touch with a Mod ASAP.

Toxicity spreads like a disease, and we will do anything we can to stop it and keep everyone in here having fun, even if it means making some hard decisions that don’t please everyone.

As with any group, what keeps it alive is active members. Everyone is welcome here so don’t be afraid to post and join games. Please remember that the 100 automatically removes people from the group after 30 days of inactivity (not posting/joining games), it’s not the mods kicking people. If you’re on a gaming break and go over the 30 days, you should get an email notification asking you if you want to stay in the group. Even if you get removed, you’re always welcome to join back up once you start playing again.

If this 100 page looks pretty empty, 99% of the time it won’t be because no one is the group is playing, we have probably just organised something through discord or cracking on with our own little grinds. We often have open parties that anyone in the group is welcome to join, so make sure to check discord to see if anyone has posted or use the lfg channels on there to see who’s on.

If you tag yourself as a “Sherpa”, please be prepared to act like one! If you choose to include yourself in the Sherpa list above, you really should be willing to help others out and have a lot of patience for newer gamers. Equally, if you do enjoy showing others the ropes, and have not already, don’t forget to add your Sherpa tag.

When setting up a game, you have the option to make the game public, visible to the group, visible to friends or completely private. Don’t forget to click “visible to group” so it shows here, as leaving everything blank will usually make it private. Feel free to leave it as “visible to group” until a few hours before start time so BOOM members get first dibs.

If setting up a pre-arranged game with friends, 100 supporters can add friends and delay posting for an hour. This is great for our schedules but sometimes can be a bit finicky or if you want to add someone who hasn’t accepted your friend request! Be honest in the game description, if someone has priority, or the session is a continuation from a previous game, please say that in the description so no one joins only to get upset!

With that said, we definitely consider it bad form when games are set up that have not been prearranged, but include descriptions such as “priority to friends, even if reserve”. If you want to save a spot for a mate, fair enough, add them to the game and they can remove themselves if they can’t make it, or you can always state in the description/set up how many spots are reserved. But it’s bad craic for someone to join a game a week in advance only to be kicked out 5 minutes before start time because the creators mate decided to join up at the last minute.

Be honest and realistic when setting up games. As well as the ability to ask for help with a “Sherpa requested” game or offer your help with a “beginners welcome” game, we usually have a good mix of both “relaxed and chill” games where less experienced players are welcome, and the more experienced players who just want to “get it done”. That being said, please stay away from unnecessary exclusions and barriers (such as 86 clears and a gjallarhorn), again, it’s just bad form and the number of clears someone has on raid report isn’t exactly an indicator on how good they play. If you’re setting up a game for experienced players to just “get it done”, say that in the description and if you think someone has joined who isn’t quite ready, be an adult and communicate with them, don’t just kick.

As you can see, we are pretty quiet on here, but if you pop over to our discord channel where we’re a lot more gobby, you’ll get to spend some more time with the crew, join in on the laughs and discuss any pre-arranged games and Sherpa sessions.

Most ad hoc games and open parties are shared on Discord as well as all our general chatter, so please feel free to join in. If you're having an issue with the discord link (it's taking you to your 100 Dashboard), just let us know in the chat and we'll generate a new one for you.

Join us on Discord

You will never be under any obligation to change your clan or be bombarded with invites from us, that’s not what we are about. However, if you are looking to join our actual destiny clan on PS4 “Boom Platoon”, here’s the link

Join our Destiny Clan

For our Division 2 clan (both PS4 and PC) please search “BoomSquad” in-game or send a message to one of the clan leads for an invite.

BoomSquad PS4 –Loaded

BoomSquad PC – Dan

We’re not just Destiny obsessed and most of us play a variety of games. As well as the games listed above, we also have members playing others such as Battlefield V, Read Dead, Divinity Original Sin 2 and others.

If you want to set up a game that isn’t included within the 100 options, just pick “other” as the game and write in the description which game you’re playing. We also have separate channels on our Discord for the main games we play (Destiny, Anthem, Apex Legends & Division 2) as well as group members spread across PS4 and PC.

We love the gaming community and being inclusive is what it’s all about, working around everyone’s busy schedules is sometimes a pain and naturally our resident Sherpas also need time to master the end game activities themselves and slot in a few speed runs.

We try to organise Sherpa sessions as often as possible, and Boom Squad members will naturally get first priority, we’d always encourage every member to let us know if they need a hand with anything as a dedicated session can always be set up. If you are a resident Sherpa and would like to set up a teaching session, or have a mate asking for help, please let us know and there’ll be others there to jump in whenever possible.

We have a growing Boom Squad PC division with members playing on PS4 or PC (or both!) so whichever your platform there’ll be members to play with and clans to join.

Our PC division is relatively new and still finding its feet, so active members looking to help establish this side of Boom are more than welcome. Again, most chat is over on our Discord channel and for Division 2 clan invites or any other PC info, please get in touch with Dan

If you would like to chat to one of our friendly Mods, feel free to get in touch!







pvp, pve, destiny, profanity ok

Upcoming Games

  • 12:00 PM PDT - WED 06/26
  • PSN
  • Boom Squad
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 1 waitlist
  • 1 reserve

Fresh run, probably to be continued on Thursday

  • 03:59 PM PST - TUE 12/31
  • PSN
  • Boom Squad
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 5 waitlist
  • 2 reserves

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sherpa, raider, adults only, play 20+ hours a week, profanity mandatory, chill

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