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The Elder Guard

Delta Company 436

Kill shit, don't die..... If you do die you better be drunk!

Link Description
PVE Damage Resists Guide (NEW) Guide to Damage Resist Mods
Shattered Throne Guide All Shattered Throne encounters and Bosses covered.
POH Dungeon-Ogre maze Best video guide (IMO)
POH Dungeon-Harrow Map showing all towers
Prophecy Dungeon Prophecy Dungeon Guide
Last Wish Guide All Last Wish encounters and Bosses covered
Link Description
Gametracker Stats Stats on MANY popular games
Destiny Rep Check your current ranks across factions. Gamertag Lookup.
Destiny Trials Report Lookup opposing team gear/builds.
DestinyDB Guides, calculators, lookup tools, and more.
Link Description
Bungie News Official Bungie news.
Bungie Forums Official Bungie forums. Wear a helmet.
Destiny Subreddit Contains a bit of everything destiny-related.
Destiny 2 Subreddit Contains a bit of everything Destiny 2-related.
PlanetDestiny An in-depth look at Destiny, from news to reviews.


pve, profanity ok, pvp, iron banner

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chill, bad ass, warlock, raids, parent, titan


streamer, pvp, "offline" but online, sherpa

profanity ok, parent, pve


all raids, sherpa, pvp,iron banner, weekly challenges, pve, trials of osiris

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casual, sherpa, all around nice guy :-), crota sb

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