MistaSix#4708 Seattle-based. Play times may be sporadic, but I am always looking for people to play with! PVE
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  • 30 Years Old
  • Pacific Time (US & Canada)
  • Usually plays Weekdays Latenight and Weekends UTC
  • Avg. Weekly Hours: 1-10
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parents, weekly raids, weekly nightfall, ps4, microphone, dads of destiny


parent, pve, warlock, trials, crucible, iron banner

microphone, ps4, pve, titan, hunter

warlock, ps4, microphone, pve

year 1 triumph, guardian lord, best-tag-writer-ever, skolas-scotum-kicker, crota-testicle-puncher, skaloo-pi-doop


microphone, pve, pvp, sherpa, all classes, raider

the mighty hat wearer of oryx's ass, thriller dancer, beer raider, random party inviter, go go go detonate the orbs now, weekly challenges

sith lord with a heart of gold, tired, husband, father, sunsinger, warlock