I'm a year 1 Destiny player who is happy to sherpa anyone willing to listen and learn through all the raids. I have 2 regular raid groups but happy to run with anyone if they need a hand. I stream some of my games on Twitch as Whitezombie999 and you can find me on YouTube as Lt Traxler. Zero Karma Randoms clan: https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/1954557
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  • Male
  • Edinburgh
  • Usually plays Weekday Evenings and Weekends UTC
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  • Profanity OK
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Adam the Hand

sherpa, raid, microphone, nightfall

microphone, raider, xbox one

relic runner, pvp, sweaty pvper

hunter, titan, pve, profanity ok, warlock

a real beer drinking, woman loving, dog walking sob


titan, hunter, warlock

raid, headset, microphone, titan, xboxone


sherpa, profanity preferred, titan, hunter, warlock, pvp

touch of malice, warlock, xbox one, microphone, chatterwhite, hunter, titan, sherpa