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profanity ok, raids, parent

Black Crowen

pve asset, crucible liability 🤓, likes to raid, it's just a game theodore brosevelt, parent, yorkside pizza new haven ct


pve, casual, beginners welcome, sherpa, profanity ok, xbox one


parent, profanity ok, raid rookie, xbone

profanity ok, pve, student, pvp, college student


pve, parent


raid rookie, pvp, pve


microphone, warlock, hunter, titan


xbox one s, adept raid weapons are apparently exotic because go figure, what is the tag count limit?, it will take you years to read all my tags, destiny 2 (cash grab) hype!, edm

johnny 79 v

op, gjallarhorn, thorn, first curse, touch of malice, black spindle, year one, raider, profanity ok