I get by on being plucky and carrying a big gun. But mostly being plucky.
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xbox one, pve, pvp, i'm bad at this game, hunter cloaks are my spirit animal

Main derp

raids, xbox one, pve, centpai, pvp

adult, beta, day one, hunter, raider, drinker

raid, parent, endgame

pve, profanity ok, parent, pvp, grimoire hunter, orb vegas

Main storm koopa crop
mtn drewsky94

sherpa, profanity ok, about average pvp player, titans too, hunters are pretty cool too, #warlock4life


mic, sherpa, defender, titan, weekly challenges, parent

Main 1380921648 b mco loop

casual, adults only, raid rookie, casual player, pvp, pve

Main download  1

profanity ok, pve

parent, pve, pvp, shrek, ex- girthy guardian, dad