old gamer....trying to keep at it....hahahaha....One of the GeeZers.......
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adults only, pc, profanity optional, pve


who wrote this stupid tag?, my hunter has joined the family...now time to raid, bla bla bla bla........ :-), have a mic


pvp, sherpa, factory worker, whoop whoop, night shifter, pve


profanity preferred, invite me, story, quest, strike, raid


profanity ok, adult, chill, pve, esprit de corps, great grandparent

sherpa, profanity ok, pve, warlock prime

raid rookie, profanity ok, pvp


pvp, profanity ok, mic, xbox one, pve

34 titan, 34 warlock, 34 hunter


he took his vorpal sword in hand; long time the manxome foe he sought