I need to learn how to do raids on D2. I love playing anything! I still need to grind for some good weapons! I like to have fun and enjoy playing! I like patient people as well! Destiny is also the only game I know how to play lol!
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  • Female 43 Years Old
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end game activities, pvp, pve, profanity ok, raid rookie, parent


ps5, titan, gamer, pve, all 3 characters


not related to xur, but same age, grandparent

profanity ok, pve, raid rookie

weekly challenges, raider, titan


50+ wrath of machine hm completions, 175+ kings fall hm clears, sherpa, parent of 2 teenagers. please pray for me, no profanity, 50+ crota end hm completions


raids, weekly challenges, pvp, pve, nightfall


parent, profanity ok, microphone, no rage quitters


sherpa, mic, ps4, xb1


profanity ok, raid rookie, parent